Experience the difference.

A 20+ year technology professional with experience in the entertainment, ad tech, publishing, manufacturing, education, cybersecurity and hospitality industries using Cloud-based technologies and creating SaaS product(s).

Strong in engineering, and an advocate of responsible and effective Agile Scrum methodologies with impressive collaboration skills uniting, strengthening and empowering Engineering, IT, Data Center, QA, Sales and Marketing teams. 

Three pillars

Breathe in change and breathe out success. Innovation is the start of something strong, something successful or the bet that never paid off. It's not a bet at all when you have a truly innovative leader.

Customer 'volatility' can mean slowdowns and expensive changes, but not when you anticipate and adapt. When teams stay cohesive and pliable, change doesn't have to cost the bottom line.

Team-building. A talent not all executives possess. It's not as easy as good leaders make it look. Building a functional team where everyone feels free to contribute provides world-class solutions.

Glenn Maughan

Meet Glenn


KBG Foundation

Glenn co-founded the KBG Foundation after his son, Glenn, was diagnosed with the ultra rare KBG syndrome and was told there was NO support organization. He has Chaired the Board of Directors since 2015. 


Epilepsy Association of Utah

When his son developed seizures, Glenn led the search for answers and the offer of support. He joined the Epilepsy Association of Utah as a lifetime member and Professional Advisory Board Member. 

2013 - 2016 Epilepsy Association of Utah - Professional Advisory Board
2014 People's Choice Award - Advocate of the Year
2015 Dedicated Service Award